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The Full Story


She's more than just a DJ. DJ Nicki Nice is a music producer, curator for Pandora, and DJ.

In her adolescent years, she focused on being in the band and was taught piano. She flourished in both. In band, she engulfed herself in marching and symphonic band; where she was first chair and section leader. She also did recitals with piano. This foundation gave her the tools to later start her production career. In the beginning, Nicki branded herself with a modeling career to get more connected with the industry, but most don't know she started out as a producer. Back then, most probably knew her as Sugah Sweetened. She would get hired as a model for mostly music videos and she would use those opportunities to promote her music. She halted her modeling career to focus more on her production. She started DJing shortly after to be more apart of the process of music. She didn't just want to produce music; she wanted to break music. She has been a professional DJ for Steph Lecor (We The Best Music Group), Jhonni Blaze. Her passion for music will always bring a professional presence to everything she's involved with as she pursues her musical career. 


Who is She?

DJ Curator for Pandora Radio

Music Producer

Follow Nicki Nice

Instagram: @djnickinice

Twitter: @djnickinice

Facebook: DJ Nicki Nice

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