You Changed Your Name?

YES, The DJ you formally knew as DJ Sugah Sweetened is NOW, DJ Nicki Nice! I have gotten a lot of inquiries regarding my reasons for changing my name so I decided to give it to you. Don't get me wrong, I loved my name and miss being called Sugah (a lot of you still call me Sugah still) but I needed the change. First reason was DJ Sugah Sweetened was too long of a name. Every time I did an interview and had to spell it out, give out my email, or give my social media; it took FOREVER. Second reason was there was a lot of people spelling my name wrong. Who could blame them? Lastly, my MAIN Reason for changing my name is that I wanted something more personable. More Me. My middle name is Nicole so I shortened it up to Nicki and added Nice for a little spice and DJ Nicki Nice was born. There are some projects that were released under the name DJ Sugah Sweetened that I don't want you to forget....

Check Out "Talk That Shit" Hosted by DJ Sugah Sweetened and YFN Lucci with Think It's a Game Records

Also don't forget to Purchase and Support DJ Sugah Sweetened's Single "Pop Dat"

DJ Sugah Sweetened presents "Pop Dat"

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